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FactoryConductor: Core

The core module of the Factory Conductor includes:

  • Factory calendar
  • User management
  • General configuration editor
  • Equipment configuration
  • Equipment manager
  • ERP interface

FactoryConductor: Materialmanagement

The supply of material for the high-performance automatic machines is a logistical challenge. The material consumption is high, the rolls run quickly and often empty. It must be spliced on at an early stage or be mounted directly at standstill. Removing the material from the bearing takes too long. Therefore, in many production halls, the material is stored in an intermediate storage next to the line so that the line operators can access directly. If the material is no longer present in the intermediate line storage, it is replenished from the main bearing.

There is too much material held in the line interim storage. This causes enormous costs. In unfavorable cases, the main bearing is even empty because the material is spread over all the lines. The line operators "lend" the material to the neighboring line.

FactoryConductor: Operating data

"How well does the production work?", "Where and how much are the losses and what potential for improvement is there?", "How can improvement measures be followed transparently?" Are frequently asked questions in electronics manufacturing.

In addition to presenting standardized KPI indicators such as overall plant efficiency (OEE), individual views are also required across the entire production line.


Support deadline
Grouping by storage location and product group
Lists and scanners support inventory management

  • Containers count
  • Complete article
  • Complete storage location
  • Cancel inventory
  • Complete inventory

Progress indicator


Creation of a new lot on basis

  • of a new BOM list and
  • of an existing lot

Support of complete workflows

  • picking in stock
  • setup in pre-setup area
  • jobdownload to line

EDM support

FactoryConductor: Hitlist

Stagnation in production is a problem, especially if it is not detected quickly. With the motives hitlist, you ensure your continuous production and achieve more productivity - thanks to a sophisticated information management on the line.

Production deadline due to idle roles, track errors in the case of, for example, film breakage or expired or soon running MSD date are often not recognized by the line operator at an early stage. During the time when the line operator obtains replacement rollers or eliminates a track error, the machine stands and, after a short time, the entire line.

This is how they optimize production control: The motive hit list prognosticates the line operator for the next tasks at the placement machines of the line. By promptly informing about expected station stations, the operator can take measures in a timely manner and thus minimize downtime - the automation of efficiency.

FactoryConductor: Production schedule

The production scheduling of the motives FactoryConductor is a simple and powerful tool for job scheduling of the entire electronics production (line and machine-wide). The planner is supported in the manual creation of the order sequence by the display of important information. The user interface is clear and intuitive to use. Individual views can be created by the user. This enables optimal transparency of the current and planned order processing.