FactoryConductor: Hitlist

Stagnation in production is a problem, especially if it is not detected quickly. With the motives hitlist, you ensure your continuous production and achieve more productivity - thanks to a sophisticated information management on the line.

Production deadline due to idle roles, track errors in the case of, for example, film breakage or expired or soon running MSD date are often not recognized by the line operator at an early stage. During the time when the line operator obtains replacement rollers or eliminates a track error, the machine stands and, after a short time, the entire line.

This is how they optimize production control: The motive hit list prognosticates the line operator for the next tasks at the placement machines of the line. By promptly informing about expected station stations, the operator can take measures in a timely manner and thus minimize downtime - the automation of efficiency.

Visible at any time

The web-based application allows the display to be displayed either on a large screen that is hanging above the line, or on a workstation in the production preparation or in the control room

In addition to the prognosis of the remaining time per roll, the motive hit list includes other functionalities:

  • Display storage location, MSD or expiration date
  • Display multiple lines in a view
  • Definition of an own warning threshold
  • Output of text messages at the bottom of the screen
  • Automatic material after-treatment

With the graphical configuration editor, customer-specific views can be set easily and individually.

New: Performance data display and order-related data 

  • Display of the setpoint / actual times with Trend
  • Set-up and change-over information with times
  • Consideration of lot size and corresponding material requirements

The advantages of the motives hitlist at a glance:

  • Centralized, clearly visible and clear display
  • Early display of production problems
  • Lower production ceilings
  • Continuous production
  • Higher productivity