FactoryConductor: Materialmanagement

The supply of material for the high-performance automatic machines is a logistical challenge. The material consumption is high, the rolls run quickly and often empty. It must be spliced on at an early stage or be mounted directly at standstill. Removing the material from the bearing takes too long. Therefore, in many production halls, the material is stored in an intermediate storage next to the line so that the line operators can access directly. If the material is no longer present in the intermediate line storage, it is replenished from the main bearing.

There is too much material held in the line interim storage. This causes enormous costs. In unfavorable cases, the main bearing is even empty because the material is spread over all the lines. The line operators "lend" the material to the neighboring line.

The motives FactoryConductor provides the answer for the material flow between stock and line in the module Material Management in conjunction with the order management module:

Material flow Just in time observe, calculate, control.


  • Each roll that comes to the line is captured and identified with a unique identifier (unicode ID), fill level, and so on. Data management.
  • Level changes by the placement process are registered.
  • Material movements are inter alia. By means of necessary operator actions.

To calculate:

  • In the order management, a sequence of the production orders can be defined manually.
  • This order order is used to determine the material requirements for x orders (configurable).
  • The comparison of material requirements for x orders and the current fill level of the materials supplies the new order picking order to the warehouse.


  • The picking orders are managed in a separate interface.
  • It is displayed how far the order picking orders have been processed.
  • It is displayed which orders are adequately supplied with material and which are not
  • Production orders that are ready-made in the pre-installation area are marked as prepared and can now be produced on the line

Via configuration entries, the views at different workstations (planning / set-up, picking, line) can be adjusted according to the customer and can be combined if necessary.


  • Continuous order and material handling through the hall
  • Capture material tourism between the lines
  • Reduction of current assets
  • Lower operating costs

Thus the motives FactoryConductor with its material management offers a simple but powerful tool for the individual just-in-time control of the material flow from the bearing to the line.