FactoryConductor: Operating data

"How well does the production work?", "Where and how much are the losses and what potential for improvement is there?", "How can improvement measures be followed transparently?" Are frequently asked questions in electronics manufacturing.

In addition to presenting standardized KPI indicators such as overall plant efficiency (OEE), individual views are also required across the entire production line.

The motives FactoryConductor provides the answer in the module Operating data (BDE):

Watch, display, control.


  • Recording of the machines / process data of the complete SMD production line All different machine types of a SMD line (printer, assembly, furnace, AOI) with their different interface versions can be connected via individual adapters. The configuration of the equipment is ISA 88/95 compliant for the entire company across sites.
  • Support ZVEI interface
  • Modular, dynamic interface expansion for new machine types / versions

New machine interfaces can be linked to the motives FactoryConductor during operation. The machines are immediately available.


  • Visualization of the complete SMD production line

The machine information is displayed unified over all machine types. In different tabs, views can be viewed in parallel. State-of-the-art techniques enable event-driven, up-to-date advertisements to be presented online on the production line. An evaluation over a past period is possible at any time in parallel.

  • Display of KPI key figures and process data

In addition to the overall plant efficiency (OEE), performance, availability, quality, FPY, different machine-type-specific process data (percentage coverage, temperature) are displayed.

Number of pieces, drops, clocks can be displayed on different hierarchical levels (plant, hall, line) depending on the viewer.

  • Comparison of setpoints and actual values

By comparing setpoints and actual values, manufacturing errors and quality deviations are recognized promptly. Conversely, the effect of implemented improvement measures can be shown directly.


  • Locks depending on boundary crossing

Interfaces can be disabled depending on the limits.

  • Electronic logbook

Via an electronic logbook, line operator inputs can be made, which can be viewed by the line operators of the next layer, but also by the plant manager. Obstructions through border crossings can be canceled here after entering the implemented improvement measures.

  • Information by email / SMS

Configurable, information (border crossing) can be sent to certain persons.


  • Display process and analysis data for process engineers and line personnel
  • Display KPI key figures for top management
  • Increase transparency, productivity and quality
  • Support for the continuous improvement process
  • Support for cost reduction
  • Dynamic loading of new machine interfaces without a production stop
  • Simple integration of self-defined QM views by the generic interface without a production stop

Thus the quality management of the FactoryConductor motif is a simple but powerful tool for visualizing and supporting the analysis of the entire SMD production.