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Material Locator‚Äč

  • Management of components (reels, trays) and printed circuit boards
  • Component management based on Unique ID
  • PCB management based on articles
  • Management of paste/ consumables/ stencil
  • Recording of storage/removal and remaining reel stock
  • Support of pre-fitting area
  • Magazine management on UID basis (2D/RFID)
  • Overview of quantities, location and states of all materials and transport devices on the entire shopfloor

Carrier Manager

  • Moves empty / full magazines to the beginning of the line
    • Picks up empty / full magazines from the end of the line
    • Control based on work plan and order planning
  • Autonomous magazine control

Component Manager

  • Different outsourcing concepts
    • Demand-oriented replenishment (PUSH)
    • Pick up for complete order
    • Support PULL concept
  • Create picking list (automatic, manual)
  • Operator guided (picking list) and/or fully automatic material supply (AIV)
  • Checking the material availability
  • Autonomous material replenishment for components
  • Operator support for manual material replenishment

MSL Manager

  • Recording of MSL start/stop times
  • Management in the DryTower
  • Management in a centralized system
  • Management via different storage locations/drying cabinets/ovens
  • Locking of parts
  • Monitoring the floor life time of moisture-sensitive components
  • Management on different levels