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Line Observer

I do not receive automatic and early indications of empty materials


  • The operators must actively keep an eye on the line to avoid downtimes


  • Display forecast of remaining time per component/track
  • Immediate display of production stops on different devices
  • Clearly visible display of information for line operators
  • Receive notifications from all machines in the line


  • Reduced production downtime due to early notification of production problems
  • Higher productivity due to more continuous production
  • Optimal planning of employees on the lines

Live states of all machines

Display of current information

  • Status / Errors
  • Progress picking
  • Transportation order
  • Storage / Retrieval order

Simple statistical information

  • Number of stored reels per day

Clear status display of all hardware components involved in the material flow

Shopfloor Statistics

  • Statistical evaluation of the stored data for the optimization of production processes
  • Vision: Calculation and visualization of standard KPI values
    • OEE / SEMI E10
    • Target/actual comparison of cycle times
    • Cycle times of individual systems/ standby times/ setup times
    • Number of assembled PCBs
  • Vision: Display of machine type dependent evaluations
    • FPY / Drops / Assembled parts / Percentage of coverage
  • Actual: Drytower – Material movement
  • Increase of transparency, productivity and quality
  • Cost reduction through support in process optimization

Dashboard Line

  • Display of current information:
    • Which material lies ready next to the line
    • Which material is on the way to the line
    • Which material is currently being removed from storage
    • Which material is completely missing
  • Start/Stop replenishment of material
  • Product change in advance
  • Clear status display of all components which are on the way to the line